WEBINAR – Friday February 19 at 11am EST

On Friday February 19 at 11am EST, Floating Wetland Solutions will host our first webinar of 2016, to announce the release of our newest and most exciting Floating Wetland product as well as to showcase some exciting upgrades of our product portfolio.

NEW: FWS Floating Wetland
Announcing we now offer a “true floating wetland” that has aquatic plants and floats just below the water’s surface more accurately bio-mimicing nature’s wetlands:
– Highly aerobic zone above the wetland for nitrification
– Optimal sunlight exposure for healthier and more robust perephyton

Improved FWS Floating Island
– 2 to 4 times greater strength
– UV degradation reduced by 90%
– Improved edge design that is more aesthetically pleasing, provides a planting zone for aquatics and makes wildlife access easier
– New modular design and interconnection system that is easier to install in the field